We love our team members and feel incredibly fortunate to work with them every day. Each of them brings a unique and amazing passion, dedication and professionalism to Scout and the Spokane community. 


Designated and Managing Broker, Owner

One of my greatest passions is developing new and lasting relationships. Through real estate, I found a means to both help others and build great relationships. I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. As an attorney, I learned how to protect others and fight for what was important, but real estate allows me to partner with truly amazing people and share in their journey as they make one of the most important purchases anyone can make. I am so excited to be your advocate and help guide you through the purchase of your new property.



Scout is doing something never done before. Our unique background and fresh perspective on real estate allows us to serve clients like no one else can. We help individuals and businesses fulfill their dreams, and would love to help you buy, sell, lease or develop your next property. Together we can do something great.



We are excited to work for a great relationship focused firm here at Scout honoring traits of integrity and respect that our key to our business practices. We both started in real estate as we saw a way to support our dream of a family centered business for us as well as our clients. We are thrilled to partner with you in making lasting memories here in Spokane. We are returning to our roots in the Pacific Northwest after a stint in beautiful Santa Barbara. Ryan comes from a lengthy background in military and law enforcement. Danielle brings her years of research experience to work for you in the real estate market.



I am so thrilled and blessed to be a part of Scout Real Estate in Spokane, WA. As a recent graduate of Eastern Washington University and having nearly a decade of experience in the hospitality industry I fully understand the importance of communication, integrity, teamwork, and going that extra mile. Scout is giving me the ability to fully apply those skills and build a career that I know I am going to love. Being born and raised in Spokane has allowed me to recognize the value of this wonderful city. Whether it is neighborhoods, schools, communities, outdoor activities, shopping, coffee, beer or wine I am excited to share my knowledge about what Spokane has to offer. Please reach out to me if you have any questions at all, I would be so happy and honored to help.



Spokane is such an awesome place to live in right now! It is growing, changing and evolving into such an inspiring city and I want to be a part of making that happen. At Scout I get to work with a strong team of individuals who all work with integrity that have vast experiences and backgrounds, all who perform with immaculate professionalism. As Administrative Operator and Broker with Scout there is a higher standard of customer care that I admire and appreciate being a part of. I am pretty lucky to live in such a great place and work with such an amazing team.



It’s hard to describe that moment when stars align and everything just "clicks", but having the opportunity to work with the passionate team at Scout can’t be described any other way. I’ve had the privilege to work in the Spokane community and wear a few different hats over the years, but the one thing that is a common thread through it all has been a dedication to community and a service to others, something that’s at the core of Scout’s mission. There's no better feeling than finding the right team to help you reach your goals, and it's an honor for me to be a part of that team here at Scout Real Estate.



I first came to Spokane to attend Gonzaga University. After graduation, I moved to New York to attend Fordham University School of Law. Returning to Spokane to partner in an established business, I was given the opportunity to embrace my entrepreneurial side. Working with Scout now offers me the capability to further embrace this quality. I greatly enjoy showing people homes and as not needing to be a "full time" broker, there isn't a house I won't go look at or an offer not worth writing.



Scout is far and away the best place for a local broker to work. I was born and raised in Spokane and I am deeply committed to the long term impact of the built environment on our community. The management culture at Scout takes the long term view on sustainable, ecological and ethical development philosophy and I am proud to be a part of this team. As a licensed General Contractor I can add estimating, permitting and construction to the Scout portfolio of client services.



Scout’s philosophy of placing client relationships as priority #1 directly aligns with my approach to real estate. I have experienced first hand the evolution of the industry since first obtaining my license in 1994. Regardless of market fluctuations, establishing meaningful connections is the ultimate goal. Please let me know how I can best assist you in navigating though the buying and selling process!



Spokane is the center of everything great the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Stepping outside to enjoy one of hundreds potential outdoor activities is simply a opportunity you don’t find in many cities. The evenings hold opportunities to let loose or to enjoy a bit of art and culture. I’ve been able to work in many cities but choose Spokane to raise a family and to be a part of a better community. Over the 30+ years I have lived here I can say that Spokane continuously gets better and better.



I was born in Conway, NH in 84’ and raised in the PNW for the past 27 Years living in Sandpoint, Coeur d’ Alene, Seattle, Portland and chose to Settle down in Spokane, WA. Right out of High School I started practicing Real Estate as a Realtor’s Assistant and off and on as a Transaction Coordinator through these last few years. Just this last year I decided to jump into the Market myself and completed my Broker Licensing! Being in the background as an Administrator, I have learned the In’s and Out’s of Real Estate and I am excited to be successful in this career and see our Community grow.


If you are passionate about serving others, innovative, exceptional, and interested, check us out!

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