Scout Knows

When it is time to sell, we know that every property is as unique as the person who owns it. Properties sold by Scout are marketed at the highest-level possible and tailored to each property. This is perhaps the most important step in selling your home; finding an agent you can trust to market and sell your home. 

From the moment you list with us, Scout will be there to keep the home-selling process moving forward—from pricing your home, to preparing it for sale, to achieving a successful closing. 


Once you have found an agent it is customary to sign a listing Agreement with your agent. A listing agreement is a contract laying out the terms of your relationship with the agent; including in part, what services the agent will provide. 


Determining price is hands-down the most important part of achieving the highest return in the least amount of time. There are many factors that go into determining a home’s market value, such as the sales price of nearby homes that have recently sold, the listing price of similar homes that are currently on the market, as well as the condition and location of a home. In order to determine pricing, Scout will provide a comparable market analysis which walks you through what your home is worth, and why.


Preparing your home is a big first step to get ready for buyers. We provide guidance suggestions, tips and checklists to assist you.  Like preparing for an interview, dress for success! Once your agent lists your home, you may only get one chance to impress potential buyers, so you want to be ready. 


At this point, we will list your home on the MLS and it will become visible to all other agents in the area. In addition, large consumer websites such as Zillow® or Truila®, will receive a data feed containing your home information and it will then be visible to potential home buyers.


After your home is on the MLS, Scout will put marketing campaigns into action. Each marketing plan is tailored to your home, but important marketing strategies include: hosting an open house, professional photography, kicking off a social media campaign, professionally produced printed materials, and ensuring your home is strategically placed on the web.


When all that hard work has paid off and the offers are coming in. This is where your agent’s expertise comes in. Your Scout agent will evaluate each offer to determine which is the best. Factors include the price, financial qualifications and any conditions they place on the offer.


Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, negotiation is the key to getting the best deal. Negotiations can involve everything from settling on a sales price to concessions and financing. Scout consists of expert negotiators whose job it is to represent your interests during the give and take of a real estate transaction.


Once an offer is accepted, a closing period will commence (the length of time is agreed upon by the parties), during which time any contingencies originally negotiated in the offer and purchase and sale agreement, must be met. This typically includes arranging for home and title inspections and fulfilling any loan requirements, such as a bank appraisal. Upon satisfying any contingencies and approving a preliminary title report, the parties will be ready to sign the closing documents. Once signed, the preliminary title report will become the final title report on which any title insurance will be based. Finally, all closing documents will be forwarded to the buyer's lender who will release the funds. The final step is recording the closing documents with the local recorder's office.


A lot goes into selling your home. The process touches every aspect of your life. Hopefully, this high-level overview of the process has given you some insight into the seller's journey and how Scout can lead you. 


Want to discuss the process more or are you ready to list your home? Give us a call or email us and we can get started! Give us a call at 509-703-7634 or email and we can get started! Don't forget to also check out our Facebook page - click here!