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Before you learn about us, why not learn about the city we’re in? If you couldn’t guess, Scout Real Estate is located in the beautiful mountains of the Pacific Northwest in Eastern Washington, close to the Washington Idaho state line in the charming big-little town of Spokane. And we love it. But what on earth is a little big town? If you live here or visit, you’ll get what we mean. 

Spokane, pronounced ‘spo-can’, began as ‘Spokane Falls’ when it was founded in 1873. What attracted settlers here was the mountain soil, thick timber, and untouched mineral wealth opportunities. Soon, the nearby city of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho discovered immense mining success with gold. Before Spokane was founded, it was inhabited by indigenous hunter- gatherer tribes called ‘Spokane’ meaning ‘Children of the Sun’. They developed a trading post infamous to the Pacific Northwest. 


In 1889, Spokane, Ellensburg, and Seattle all fell victim to ‘The Great Fire’. Spokane's water pressure happened to be off, so firefighters razed buildings with dynamite in order to dehydrate the fire. It destroyed 32 blocks of Spokane. Instead of giving up, the town leaders decided to rebuild immediately. With the help of Dutch investors, financing began for grander buildings made of brick, marble, and granite. In 1893, these particular investors owned approximately a fourth of all real estate in Spokane.


Despite tragedy, Spokane was experiencing renewal and growth. In 1881, the Great Northern Pacific Railway linked Spokane to the rest of the transcontinental railroad. After a national depression in 1893, Spokane’s economy expanded their city limits. In 1880, the population was an estimated 300, in 1909, population rose to over 100,000. Strong water power, 14 millionaires, 23 public schools, diversified architecture, and forward thinking leadership helped develop the city we see today. 


One thing for certain: Spokane has displayed resiliency and experienced renewal. One thing not for certain: The weather on any given day. Outside of the city are multiple surrounding towns and segmented areas of residence, all with different cultures, vibes, and people we love! Here’s a few: Downtown, North Spokane, Deer Park, Colbert, The South Hill, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Nine Mile, Airway Heights, Cheney, Post Falls, and so much more. Today, the population is nearing 215,000+. The average household income is $44,350, while the average median prices on housing is $195,380. Our diversity of income, architecture, and culture is why everyone calls us a ‘big little town’. And no, we don’t completely suck. Spokane is undoubtedly one of the most charming towns on the West Coast. We are “All American” if you will, with values, evergreen trees, country roads, little coffee shops, manufacturing, a buzzing downtown, various lakes, and nightlife. Spokane to us represents The American Dream, and so do it’s people. We are growing every day with new events, restaurants/bars, churches, housing, and activities for family life. Scout will take you through some of these segmented areas, update you on events, and give you a monthly synopsis of the real estate market during this exciting time in the history of one of the most thriving small towns there is. 

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